Keith Harding Obituary, Death Cause -

Keith Harding Obituary, Keith Harding Has Passed Away

Keith Harding Obituary, Death Cause – Some of you will hear about it, some of you won’t, but a wonderful friend named Keith passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. Some of you will know the man personally, while others won’t. Throughout the years that we have known each other, Keith and I have developed into wonderful friends. Once more, we met through the Ford Racing organization, just like so many of my other pals do. However, we got along famously and were good friends.

He entrusted me with some work that ultimately resulted in the full build of the mk1 Capri GAA reproduction that was his dream car. (In my albums) if you are interested in taking a peek. Since I’ve known him, I’ve developed a similar obsession with Capricorn and transit, both of which he was huge about. He was a huge fan of my Capri and had many opportunities to ride in it, but he never accepted my offer to let him drive it. His absence will be keenly felt, particularly in relation to matters pertaining to motorsport.

This weekend, I’ll be going to Cadwell Park, and I was talking to him about how he could visit me for the classic Ford racing and Castle Combe next month. He was also scheduled to come stay with me for those events. I just wanted to put in paper what I thought about this man, and I also wanted to give some credit to another fantastic individual. Rest in peace, buddy. I’ll carry your memory with me every time I get behind the wheel.

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