Justin Barnard Obituary Lubbock TX, Sugar Browns Coffee Co. Owner Has Died

Justin Barnard Obituary Lubbock TX, Sugar Browns Coffee Co. Owner Has Died

Justin Barnard Obituary, Death Cause – The passing of Justin Barnard has left all of us in utter disbelief and grief. He was an amazing guy who had love, honesty, and character. Sugar Brown’s was only one of the numerous things that he conceived of and brought into existence from his dreams. We are very grateful that we have been given the opportunity to serve as stewards of this creation. He was a successful businessman and entrepreneur who set an example for others in the Kingdom.

On top of that, he was an outstanding example of what a man, husband, parent, and friend should be. Our most sincere condolences and prayers are with Marla, his children, and the rest of his family at this time. Because of JB’s life, our lives will be changed in indelible ways. Hello everyone, My name is Jenny Brooks, and I’m sending this letter on behalf of a large group of people for the benefit of the Barnard family. They are and always have been some of the kindest and most compassionate individuals on the face of the world for me and many other people.

They have provided thousands of people with the encouragement, joy, and revitalizing hospitality that Jesus Himself modeled via their restaurants, coffee shop, and now Wanderin Star Farm. They do this as a family. We are at a loss for words as a result of the unexpected departure of Justin from this world. Because it was sudden and out of the blue, Marla and the kids are at a loss for words to adequately express how much they will miss such a great husband, father, and man of God.

As members of the same Body, I am making a request for assistance on their behalf, specifically for Marla, so that she may traverse the next months without concern about provision. Will you consider helping out and consider sharing this post? The way that Justin lived his life and walked with the Lord, his business savvy, and the priceless fathering he provided will continue to have an impact for many years to come.
Please assist us in blessing each of them in this manner. Click Here to Visit Justin Barnard GoFundMe Page.

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