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Joyce Pastelin Obituary, Joyce Pastelin Death, Funeral and Visitation

Joyce Pastelin Obituary, Death Cause – On Monday morning, Joyce Pastelin went away abruptly, leaving a void in this world. Nobody was prepared for it, and not a single one of us could have even predicted that she would leave us so suddenly, let alone so quickly. Even though it breaks my heart, I simply cannot fathom the sense of bereavement that her children must be experiencing. Her entire family and all of her friends will miss her greatly and grieve her passing.

When I was a preteen and in need of a genuine friend, Joyce came into my life at a moment when I was looking for her. She not only made me laugh but also has the same sarcastic sense of humor that I do. We both swirled in the same direction to the beat of life’s music, and we both spoke the same language. Our friendship included a wide range of experiences, from joyful ones to challenging ones and everything in between. I have lost count of how many times my family and I have seen Wayne’s World and sung along to all of the soundtrack songs.

Have you ever been grounded? Not as a result of engaging in any activity, but rather as a result of spending time with your closest friend? It seems like we were together for a very long time. Nevertheless, if I had the opportunity to go back in time and change the fact that we were both suspended from each other, I would NOT change the fatal walk we took from Philipsburg to Conway in our jammies. If it were up to me, we would walk it a million times. If it meant that you were still here to experience everything with me, I would gladly relive the worst day we’ve ever had together. Both of our daughters were able to attend Kindergarten and First Grade at the same time.

Our children were friends and often played together (unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet your adorable Penelope). Even though we shared so many memories with one another, it never felt like we had enough of them. Joyce was a fighter; throughout her life, she triumphed over a great deal of adversity, even if it required her to do so on all fours. She never gave up, she fought her way through some of life’s most difficult circumstances, and she paved the way for her children and their future. She was devoted to her children, even though she often had to hold down two jobs in order to raise them on her own and provide for their needs.

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