Jalayah Eason Obituary, Death Cause -

Jalayah Eason Obituary, Bronx 6-year-old Jalayah Eason Discovered Dead With Bruises.

Jalayah Eason Obituary, Death Cause – After a girl of that age passed away on Friday in the Morrisania neighborhood of the Bronx, an investigation has been opened into the circumstances surrounding her passing. She was found unresponsive with marks on her wrist and torso, according to sources within the police department. Her mother is currently being questioned about the situation. Just before 4 in the morning, an unexpected call to 911 came in from an apartment on the 12th floor of the Forest Houses, which are located on East 165th Street.

The person who placed the call was a mother who was at home with her three children when she reported that her daughter Jalayah Eason, who was six years old, was not breathing. In a little over half an hour after receiving that call, medical staff at the hospital confirmed that the girl had passed away. One of the neighbors commented that “anyone who lives long enough can hear those kids from time to time.”

The neighbor who lives below the apartment, which is located one floor down, may be able to shine some light on the potential darkness that exists above. She claims that she heard children screaming and running back and forth on multiple occasions, and that their screams were sometimes so loud that they were deafening. The neighbor remarked that it must be really difficult for any woman who is a mother and who also has children.

Officers found a filthy environment upon entering the unit. They also found a kid who was 8 years old and a child who was 3 years old. According to sources within the police department, both victims displayed symptoms of confinement, including ligature marks and signs of bruises. The boy, who was just 8 years old, confessed to the police that his mother had hit him in the past. A neighbor by the name of Liz remarked, “I’m so heartbroken.” “I can’t believe you did this. Even though I don’t know her, she has caused me pain.

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