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Heids Babushka Obituary, Heids Babushka Has Passed Away

Heids Babushka Obituary, Death Cause – I am writing this with a broken heart because of what has happened. I realize that some of you may already be aware of this, but I wanted to express my gratitude for reaching out to me and my apologies for not replying to your messages or posting this sooner. I simply wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my younger sister. Even now, I don’t want to accept it as true, and writing this is the last thing I want to do.

My younger sister Heidi, also known as Heids, Heidushka Babushka, tragically died away in the early hours of Saturday, May 6 at our mother’s home. She was peacefully surrounded by our family. Because of the many challenges they faced together and the many conversations they had, Heidi finally made her way to L’Agulhas, despite the immense emotional toll it took on her, in order to be closer to my mother, and she appeared to be on the path to happiness. Our loss is terribly sad, particularly for my mother.

We have spent the past two weeks in L’Agulhas to be close to family, try to make sense of this tragedy, over-evaluate whether my approach to helping her was appropriate, and provide support for my mother as she went about the heartbreaking tasks of dealing with her only daughter’s final affairs. However, the majority of our time has been spent just trying to avoid the unavoidable truth. To say that despite all of her difficulties, everybody who knew my sister was aware that her defining attributes were her infinite inner strength in the face of seemingly impossible challenges.

This is a defining quality running through all of the women in our family, so I don’t need to dig very deeply to say that this is the case. The unfathomably deep pool of compassion and love that she possesses, which is proven by her enormous extended family and menagerie, as well as the fact that she always wore her heart on her sleeve, even when doing so could be considered a fault in some situations. It is too difficult to even imagine right now, but it is possible that my mother will conduct some kind of memorial service. If my mother gives me permission, I would like to scatter some of Heidi’s ashes on an island in Greece that she had always wanted to visit so that she can keep having new experiences.

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