David Kuzenko Obituary, David Kuzenko Has Passed Away

David Kuzenko Obituary, Death Cause –I am presently going through a lot of pain, but I am going to tell you something that will break your heart even though I am currently going through a lot of it myself. Despite the fact that I am currently going through a lot of it, I am going to share this message with you. My dear and cherished younger brother, David Kuzenko, left this world yesterday afternoon in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. His departure came on suddenly, completely out of the blue, and very quickly.

He was in Saskatchewan. To put it another way, I haven’t been able to wrap my head around this particular idea…I am not yet at the place where I can bring myself to accept it in its whole. I will get there eventually. There are no suitable words to communicate the depth of my sadness; all I can say is that I will miss him very much… There are no adequate words to express the depth of my sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with his children, Ivy Kuzenko and Anastasia Jane, as well as their families and the many people who were close to Dave.

Also included in my thoughts and prayers are their families and the many individuals who were close to Dave. The members of their families are also in my thoughts. In addition, I am keeping their families in my prayers and thinking about them during this difficult time. My complete family has been reunited, and I’ve been told that they are having a wonderful time celebrating our get-together in the hereafter. This brings me a great deal of joy. RIP.

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