Cullen Alexander Surine Obituary, Cullen Alexander Surine Has Passed Away

Cullen Alexander Surine Obituary, Death Cause – A man was pronounced deceased at the scene of a motorcycle accident early on Tuesday morning, according to the Allen County Sheriff’s Department. The crash involved two motorcycles. The accident took place in the wee hours of the morning. The collision took place in the wee hours of the morning, just a few minutes before three o’clock. Cullen Alexander Surine, who was 22 years old and originally from Fort Wayne, was identified as the person who passed away. The Allen County Coroner was the one who presented this information to us.

According to reports made by the police, Surine was traveling down Leesburg Road in a direction that was more to the north-northwest when the event took place. Initial reports imply that he was involved in a collision with a railing in the 7300 block of Leesburg Road, which can be found between Flaugh and O’Day roads. The location of the accident is described as “between Flaugh and O’Day roads.” The intersection of Flaugh and O’Day roads is said to be the location of the collision that took place. As the path veered to the left, it seemed as though law enforcement officials were conducting an investigation.

After doing their examinations, the traveling medical staff came to the conclusion that Surine was no longer conscious and pronounced her dead at the scene. According to the results of the coroner’s report, which said that the cause of his death was determined to be blunt force injuries received during the collision, his passing was considered an accident. The cause of his death was determined to be blunt force injuries acquired during the collision. An investigation is currently being carried out, according to the police, to ascertain whether or not driving at an unsafely high speed played a significant role in the collision. The inquiry into what led to the collision is still ongoing at this point.

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