Claude Blanchette Obituary, Resident Of Berlin NH Has died

Claude Blanchette Obituary, Death Cause – We are currently experiencing a state of extreme depression as a direct result of the loss of Michelle McElwee, who worked as an associate at Roland-Story School for Special Education. As a volunteer in our school system, Michelle contributed both her time and her energy to the development of the students who were enrolled in our schools over the course of fifteen years. Because she was unselfish, empathetic, and unwaveringly committed to both her students and her coworkers, she was a very significant member of our academic community. Because of this, she was an extremely useful contributor.

Her contributions were of a sort that may be described as exceedingly significant. As a result of her passing, each individual will feel the loss of a loved one in their own unique way.
We ask that you continue to grieve with us at the loss of Michelle by keeping her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to lament Michelle’s passing. We ask this as we continue to mourn her passing. In addition, we would like to request that you continue to share in our sorrow over the death of Michelle. When we talk about the good benefits that her presence had.

It is important that we also take into account the ways in which the people who were physically close to her benefited from her presence. It has been decided that her visit will take place at the Bertha Bartlett Library on the afternoon of Tuesday, the 30th of May, between the hours of 4-6 in the afternoon. This decision was made in order to accommodate her schedule. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to come together to celebrate Michelle’s life as well as the legacy that she has left behind, and we are looking forward to doing so.

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