Brampton Schools On Lockdown

Brampton Schools On Lockdown, Girl Shot With Fake Gun

Brampton Schools On Lockdown – Schools in Brampton have been placed on lockdown after a girl was shot with a replica gun. Grenoble Public Elementary School, Greenbriar Public Elementary School, Goldcrest Public Elementary School, Holy Name of Mary Catholic School, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Jean Brebeuf Catholic Elementary School, Judith Nyman Public School, Chinguacousy Public School, and Williams Parkway Public Elementary School were among the schools involved. Initially, the police stated that all nine schools were in a hold and secure status; however, they later clarified that only Judith Nyman was in a lockdown.

In an initial tweet, Peel police stated that officers were responding to reports of a young person suffering from what may have been a gunshot wound at 11:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Central Park Drive and Grenoble Boulevard in Brampton. According to the Peel police, a replica firearm that resulted in the injury of a 17-year-old girl provoked hold and secures at eight schools in Brampton on Friday, and a lockdown was initiated at another school.

According to the police, the measures, which were implemented as a precaution before midday on Friday, have subsequently been removed. Constable Sarah Patten informed reporters present at the crime scene that authorities were unsure if the weapon that was used was a real gun or a “imitation firearm.” The authenticity of the weapon was later verified by the police. After a girl was shot with an imitation weapon, hold and secure procedures at Brampton schools were lifted, according to the police.

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