Bill Bongiorno Obituary South Salem New York, Bill Bongiorno Death And Funeral

Bill Bongiorno Obituary South Salem New York, Bill Bongiorno Death And Funeral

Bill Bongiorno Obituary, Death Cause – We are saddened to inform you that William “Bill” Bongiorno passed away on May 25, 2023; it is with a full sense of loss that we share this information with you. Bill was an extraordinary individual who had a positive influence on the lives of a significant number of individuals. He was the kind of father that doted on his two beautiful children, Sarah and Will, and was very involved in their lives.

It was very evident that Bill was dedicated to serving the community as evidenced by the laborious effort he put in as a volunteer and as a fundraiser in the Lewisboro area. He gave his time voluntarily to a number of organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America, in which he served as a Leader, and Lewisboro Baseball, in which he was a Coach. Both of these positions were held by him. Bill was a very generous contributor to blood drives and was a strong supporter of the efforts that were made to raise awareness of these activities.

In addition to this, he was a successful business owner, a talented writer and artist, an avid biker, a dearly loved uncle and brother, and a dedicated husband to Robbin. All of these things contributed to his overall success in life. Everyone here will grieve his passing in their own unique ways. Given the current predicament, we would be quite appreciative if you could lend a hand in assembling a collection of monetary aid for Bill, his family, and his children. T

he funds that are raised will be used to assist in paying for the funeral expenses as well as the children’s educational expenses. Your aid, regardless of how insignificant it might appear to be, will be extremely valued and will make a significant contribution to the situation.

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