Ayanna Thompson Obituary, Death Cause -

Ayanna Thompson Obituary, Ayanna Thompson Has Passed Away

Ayanna Thompson Obituary, Death Cause –There were reports of shooting in the late hours of Friday night in the city of Fayetteville, which is located in the state of North Carolina. It happened on Bragg Boulevard around eleven minutes before midnight, not too far from Cain Road, and it was getting close to midnight when it took place. The time was getting closer and closer to midnight. It was becoming later and later, and midnight would be here soon.

The results of the investigation that was conducted by the Fayetteville Police Department indicate that the victim was a young woman by the name of Ayanna Thompson. At the time of the crime, Thompson had just turned 19 years old. The authorities have identified Levon Campbell, who is currently 27 years old, as the person of interest in this investigation. These allegations may be found in the linked article. It was he who put an end to her life by pulling the trigger on the gun, which resulted in her death.

He is accused of not only murder in the first degree, but also discharging a weapon into an occupied residence, as well as being a convicted felon who was in possession of a pistol. All of these charges are in addition to the charge of murder in the first degree. In addition to these charges, it is suspected that he was in possession of a firearm at some point in the past. In addition to the fact that he has already been charged with murder in the first degree, these allegations have also been raised against him. In addition to the accusation of murder in the first degree that has already been brought forward against the defendant, these two additional counts are now being brought forward against him as well.


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