Sara Edmond Obituary Dalton GA, Sara Edmond Has Passed Away

Sara Edmond Obituary Dalton GA, Sara Edmond Has Passed Away

Sara Edmond Obituary, Death Cause – On August 29, 2020, our much loved mother, Sarah Bell Edmond, passed away after a protracted and agonizing fight against her sickness. She had been a part of our family for 86 years at that point. She had been ill for a long protracted period of time prior to our discovering her before we did. She came into this world on December 25th, 1933, on the island of Sapelo, which is located within the state of Georgia.

Her birthplace was Georgia. Rosemary Barnes Harris and Laurie A. Edmond are the only two of her daughters to have reached adulthood at this point in time. Her other girls passed away when they were little. She is survived by her daughter, her son-in-law Zayne D. Harris, Sr., her granddaughter Alicia Rose Harris, and her grandson Zayne D. Harris, Jr. She is also survived by her daughter’s husband. She was the only member of her family still alive after the deaths of her mother, Rosa J. Mills, and three of her other siblings.

As a result, she was the sole surviving member of her family. She was the very last member of her generation to have been born during the time period in question. Her primary purpose was to get the most out of life while also being of service to the people who were closest to her, which included both her family and her friends. She wanted to make the most of her time here on earth.

She attended services throughout her time in the United States at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, which can be found on St. Simons Island in the state of Georgia. When she goes away, she will be much missed by everyone in many different ways. Because of this decision, there will not be a memorial service held in his honor.

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