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Rick Cartwright Obituary, Rick Cartwright Has Passed Away

Rick Cartwright Obituary, Death Cause – The community of the University of Saint Francis is in mourning over the loss of Rick Cartwright, a much-loved colleague and friend who had a positive impact on the lives of numerous students over the course of his 42-year tenure at USF. After a courageous fight against cancer, Cartwright passed away on Thursday, May 25. Since 1975 until his retirement in 2017, Cartwright served as a member of the faculty at his alma mater. He was the first dean of the School of Creative Arts, which opened in 2004, and he continued in that role until the day he retired.

Both the Mimi and Ian Rolland Art and Visual Communication Center and the restoration of the Bass Mansion, which is now known as Brookside, were under his supervision when they were completed in 2010. He had a pivotal role in the creation of the vision for, as well as the development of, USF Downtown, which first opened its doors in August of 2016. Cartwright was able to find a lot of people who were willing to support him, and he collaborated closely with the former president of USF, Sister M. Elise Kriss, as well as the late trustee Ian Rolland.

According to statements made by Cartwright in the year 2017, “the relationships I formed here with Sister Elise and Ian Rolland relate to trust and honesty.” “Whether it was a class criticism, teaching, or a meeting, I tried my best to be honest in the responses that I gave to the questions that were asked of me. Because I repeated myself so frequently on this objective, people started to believe me and become familiar with who I am. The objective was to develop an exciting atmosphere for the kids.

That was something that was very significant to Ian, and it was that shared value that served as the “click” that brought the two of us together. When I was with Sister Elise, we were always honest with each other about the benefits and drawbacks of various situations. Her passion lies in the arts. She recognized my idea of a more developed School of Creative Arts and that we could achieve it through partnerships; she believed in it and in the community. The trust had a significant impact, and she believed in both that and the community.

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