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Peter Morris Obituary, Peter Morris Has Passed Away

Peter Morris Obituary, Death Cause – After hearing the awful news about the demise of one of our longtime supporters, Peter Morris, my heart is heavy as I write this. I am writing this with a heavy heart. He was a steadfast defender of our organization and its mission. Peter has demonstrated time and again over the course of a number of years that he is dedicated to the club by being an ardent supporter of the team’s throughout those years.

I hope and pray that he will be at rest for the rest of eternity. The following text was taken without permission from a different post that was made earlier today on Facebook.
My cousin Peter Morris formerly owned both the Garage in the Rock on Commercial Road and Brynmawel House, both of which are located in Ty’r Graig. He also formerly resided in Brynmawel House, which is located in Ty’r Graig. These two places can be located inside the boundaries of Ty’r Graig.

The information that he passed away the day before yesterday has been brought to my attention. I am appreciative of you letting me know. He was extremely connected with the club for a large number of years, and for many of those years, he was joined by his wife, Irene. During that period, he was a member of the Beeg rugby team and was fairly active inside the organization. In addition to that, he was highly active within the club. It’s probable that there are one or two persons in this group who can remember him. There are a lot of people here. RIP Sid

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