Kenneth Waters Obituary, Kenneth Waters Has Passed Away

Kenneth Waters Obituary, Death Cause – They had lived until October 1, 2022, when they passed away; they had reached the age of 62 years old. On May 8, 1960, Addie and Alonzo Waters Jr. of Middletown, Delaware, rejoiced in the entry of their son Kenneth Grant Waters into the world and celebrated with family and friends. Kenneth attended Middletown High School for his secondary education and obtained his graduation from there. Kenneth found that interacting with a diverse range of people brought him a great degree of fulfillment.

The way in which he took care of his mother was an example of the uttermost love and concern that he showed for her. He worked hard at Acme for more than 20 years, devoting the majority of his time and energy to the company. a supporter of the Dallas Cowboys who is steadfast in their allegiance to the team. His mother, Addie Waters, his father, Alonzo Waters Jr., and his brother, Nelson Waters, all died before he did. He was the last of his family members to pass away. He was the only member of his family to have lived to adulthood.

Among those who will carry on his legacy after he has passed away are his daughter, Dayna Givens, as well as his brothers Michael Waters, who is married to Teresa, and Glenn Waters, who is married to Beverly. Both of these men also have children of their own. A great number of wonderful nieces and nephews, cousins, and other relatives and friends, such as Onaris Waters and Tyair Waters, Orlando Ringgold Sr. and Charles (Lahnee) Ringgold Sr., Rashean (Shawn) Webster, Karyn (Melvin) Paul, and Jordan (Marie) Gatling. Other relatives and friends include Onaris Waters and Tyair Waters. Onaris Waters and Tyair Waters are two more examples of this. It has also been discovered that many additional cousins, other relatives, and friends of the deceased individual are still living.

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