John Sprenkle Obituary, John Sprenkle Has Passed Away

John Sprenkle Obituary, John Sprenkle Has Passed Away

John Sprenkle Obituary, Death Cause – John Kerlin Sprenkle The 22nd of February, 1956, to the 22nd of May, 2023 How does one go about writing an obituary for a person who was described as being “larger than life”? It can’t possibly be anything that’s been done in the past, can it? It has been difficult for me to put these thoughts and feelings into words during the past few days while we have been gathering our thoughts and emotions. Knowing that he is no longer here and that what I am about to say is now only a memory made it extremely difficult for me to speak in the past tense. John spent his childhood in Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania, frightening both his parents and the adults he was instructed by.

According to what we have gathered, he enjoyed testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior very frequently, which occasionally got him in trouble with his instructors and the authorities. In the year 1974, when John just made it through Selinsgrove High School and graduated with honors, Memmy Sprenkle was canonized as a saint, every teacher in the school had gray hair, and the Selinsgrove Police Department had just enacted a number of new laws. John worked for the Department of Public Welfare at Selinsgrove Center for the majority of his working life. Before that, he worked there for a couple of years in between employment.

There, he had the roles of assistant, worker in the laundry, and member of the grounds staff. In 2010, after his release from prison and retirement from Selinsgrove Center, he left the facility. John claimed that the only positive aspect of his time spent there was getting to know Sheila and the other people he worked with. John and his wife and daughter had a tradition of going to horse shows together, and John was known for being the man who passed out ice pops to all of the children there. He had a strong interest in maintaining the cleanliness of trailers, campers, and cars, and he occasionally went a step too far in this endeavor.

His friends and he used to have a lot of fun going on motorcycle and snowmobile trips together for a number of years, but eventually it was determined that he was unable to make sound choices, so he had to give up that interest. He had a lifelong passion for hunting and especially enjoyed the buildup to each year’s black bear and white-tailed deer seasons. His favorite things to do have always been taking care of the family cabin, preparing meals for the children, and butchering.

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