Jason Stone Obituary Fort Worth Texas, GoFundMe Opened For Jason Stone Death

Jason Stone Obituary, Death Cause – Because some folks have, ahem, less pleasant sentiments about the inexorable accumulation of years, I ain’t gonna tell youuu whicha one of these gorgeous souls is turning 43 today because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Since marriage provides one with a front-row seat to the maturation process of another person, it is fair to say that it is a really remarkable institution.

And becoming seems like it ought to be quite simple, doesn’t it?, but then it goes and becomes all strange and roundabouty, doesn’t it? Always making progress, and then sometimes falling behind, and sometimes doing BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. I’m referring to the sheer audacity of it. It is a known fact that there are moments when one feels that becoming would be an easier process if it were done on their own.

This is due to the unexpected highs and lows of the process, as well as the fact that there are times when one feels as if they are holding on for dear life. This is true even for oneself, much alone for another person.
But then… what an amazing thing it is to grow into one another. When Joni Mitchell talks about being with the same person through the changing of the seasons, she includes a remark from another person who says, “If you want endless repetition, see a lot of different people.”

This is something that has always stuck with me and I’ve never been able to shake it. If you desire an endless range of options, stick with only one.” Then she continues by saying, “When you date, what ends up happening is that you run all your best moves and tell all your best stories, and in a way, that routine is a method for falling in love with yourself over and over again.”

You can’t pull a stunt like that with an old friend since he is aware of all the relevant history. When two people have been together for a long time, things eventually fade away and are replaced by new beginnings; the experience of going through this cycle together strengthens their love. To move in close proximity to another person while maintaining a sense of autonomy and independence from that person at the same time is an honor.

To be a witness to it all, to let it all die, to allow it all be rekindled, and to be born both together on the broken side of existence is to bear witness. I am thankful for each and every one of you over the years.

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