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Harper Hupp Obituary, 3 People Killed in House Explodes in South Dakota

Harper Hupp Obituary, Death Cause – An investigation has been opened by the State Fire Marshal’s Office in South Dakota into a house explosion that resulted in the deaths of a baby and her grandparents as well as the hospitalization of two small children with burns. The explosion occurred around 10:20 a.m. Wednesday, according to Stanley County Sheriff Brad Rathbun. The location of the home is approximately 11 miles (nearly 18 kilometers) southwest of Fort Pierre.

The sheriff reported that Harper Hupp, who was six months old, and her grandma, LaDonna Hupp, 61, both passed away at the scene of the accident. William Hupp, who was 66 years old, passed away at the hospital. Two young boys, Myles, age 5, and Royce, age 3, suffered major burns and were transported by helicopter to a burn unit at a hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Kelsey and Trevor Hupp, the children’s parents, were both employed in Pierre at the time of the explosion, which took place in Pierre. Trevor Hupp’s parents were a couple named LaDonna and William Hupp. Royce sustained third-degree burns on 25% of his body, primarily on his chest and arms, while Myles has predominantly first- and second-degree burns on 10% of his body, as stated by Kelsey Hupp on a Caring Bridge account on Thursday.

“(Myles) wiggles his toes and gives a little squeeze to my hand. Even once when sedation was being administered, he got up and glanced around the room. According to what Kelsey Hupp wrote, “He is stable.” According to what their mother stated, Royce’s rehabilitation would take longer than that of their brother, although he is wriggling his toes and he woke up from the sedation at one point. She stated that both of the boys have tracheostomies.

“The boys have a long road ahead of them, but we are just so thankful that we even have this road with them,” she wrote in the letter. They are courageous and they will not give up. Because I am aware that everyone is concerned, I will make it a priority to provide as many updates as I possibly can. I beg you not to cease your prayers. To keep going, I’m going to need every single ounce of strength I can muster. We have an incredible amount of affection for our family, friends, and community.

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