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Chris Jackson Obituary, Chris Jackson Has Passed Away

Chris Jackson Obituary, Death Cause – The’stop message’ for Mr. Chris Jackson, who regrettably died away, was just delivered to our office at this moment. Chris was known by a great number of people as a “spotter” or a “fire service enthusiast.” But to us, he represented something very different. Chris was a larger than life figure who did more than just’spot us’ but also encouraged us in our endeavors. He would make a habit of coming to our events and assisting us in our efforts to raise money for our charitable organizations.

Even during incidents, he would assist our staff in any way he could, whether they needed rides home, cans of soda, bags of chips, or whatever Chris was there with. It was probably around 1996 when I first talked to Chris. He was kind enough to take the time to explain to me how he had wired up a’scanner’ so that he could listen to our mainscheme radio using the electrics in his home. That is to say, he was able to keep an ear out for our call sign and respond to any situations we were already on the scene of. (We don’t recommend you do it. And as of right now, our radio is encrypted.

After this, he became a major supporter of the station, always on hand to help when we needed it, giving the new firemen some nugget of his wisdom, and constantly protecting the history of the service,’ said the station’s manager. From searching for vintage fire engines and refurbishing them to finding ancient pieces of equipment and keeping the stories of the past alive in the minds and hearts of our more recent recruits, we do it all.

Chris had some peculiar ways of behaving around him, but he is a continuous reminder in my heart that you shouldn’t “just like something.” Instead, you should “jump in with both feet and absolutely LOVE it” if you like something. Chris had some unusual ways of behaving around him. Put yourself in the company of people and activities that you enjoy.
You must be Chris Jackson, Mr. May you finally find some relief. This weekend is all about you, but we will make arrangements to have a talley posted on our talley board at the appropriate time. I am appreciative of your service. You will remain in our thoughts forever.

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