Cecilio Negron Jr Obituary Milwaukee WI, Cecilio Negron Has Died

Cecilio Negron Jr Obituary Milwaukee WI, Cecilio Negron Has Died

Cecilio Negron Jr Obituary, Death Cause – Cecilio Negrón Jr. aka “Papá” aka “Cee-lo”. When I first met you when I was 15 (back when we were young knuckleheads), I had no idea that our accidental encounter would inadvertently influence the route that the rest of my life would take…. But it did…. Because of you, I was able to develop some of the most significant friendships (or, more appropriately, chosen families) of my life, as well as get to know your complete family.

The birth of our child, who was the fruit of my connection with your cousin, firmly established us as permanent members of your wonderful family. Our little one was the product of my connection with your cousin. You all welcomed us in and made us a part of your family in the same way that you did with so many other people. In doing so, you followed the example set by so many other families.

As you matured into an adult, you became a cornerstone of the community and had the most incredible enthusiasm to share your skills and culture with an unlimited number of other people. Regardless of whether it be passing on knowledge to younger generations or performing at local fairs and festivals. In addition to being a good and loving parent, you were a wonderful father to your children. Your kids are lucky to have had you as their parent.

My mind is blown by the amount of affection that has been sent through the utilization of this platform. It is a testimony to the numerous lives that you were able to affect during the limited time that you were present on this globe. It is a testament to the fact that you were able to make a difference. When I look at some of the pictures, it makes me smile and brings a happy feeling to my heart. Your cheerful demeanor and bubbly laughter were infectious…Even at this very moment, the sound of it is crystal clear in my head.

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