Brandon Lemagne Obituary Virginia, Brandon Lemagne Has Passed Away

Brandon Lemagne Obituary Virginia, Brandon Lemagne Has Passed Away

Brandon Lemagne Obituary, Death Cause – The U-Haul was seen by a police officer in the Fairfax County neighborhood of Alexandria on the 6300 block of Richmond Highway. After exiting the U-Haul, Lemagne started to walk away from the gas station’s parking lot. The officer is seen speaking with Lemagne on the surveillance video before the two of them approach the officer’s cruiser.

Lemagne was informed by the officer that he will be arrested for utilizing the stolen U-Haul. Then Lemagne started to attack the officer. He took the gun from the police and started to take it out of the holster. Lemagne attempted to disarm the cop before punching him in the head with his holstered weapon and dragging him across the parking lot. The police officer was then pushed inside the cruiser by Lemagne when he yanked open the door.

The cop was standing beneath Lemagne when the truck was put into drive and started to accelerate rearward during the assault. The policeman informed emergency personnel over the radio that the suspect was in possession of a pistol. When two neighborhood residents’ cars were hit, the police cruiser was moving rearward. The cruiser then hit a building and came to a stop. As soon as two police officers came, Lemagne began to shout at the officer.

Lemagne was still on the cop inside the cruiser when one of the officers fired his revolver. When the second officer came, Lemagne was being held by the first officer, and he made an effort to free him. Lemagne and the officer were able to be removed from the cruiser thanks to him. The policeman then raised his weapon. The on-site medical team pronounced Lemagne dead. The injured policeman was taken to a neighboring hospital where he received medical attention. Later, he was freed.

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