Bill Whitehead Obituary, Bill Whitehead Has Passed Away

Bill Whitehead Obituary, Death Cause – William (Bill) Whitehead, a writer and actor from Canada, passed away today. According to HarperCollins Publishers, he passed away on Thursday in Toronto after having been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer not long ago. He was 86. Whitehead was well-known for his documentary work at the CBC, where he wrote numerous seasons of the show The Nature of Things and was honored with multiple accolades for his efforts in that capacity.

They first connected while Whitehead, who was born and reared in Regina, was performing at the Red Barn Theatre in Jackson’s Point, which is located north of Toronto. The couple was together for more than 40 years. Whitehead edited a collection of Findley’s works and released them under the title Journeyman: Travels with a Writer in 2003 after Findley passed away. “Bill was the person who made [Findley’s] life and art possible, creating the space that allowed [him] to write the works of fiction that made him one of the most beloved authors in the country

Iris Tupholme, senior vice-president and executive publisher of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., said in a statement. “Bill was the person who made [Findley’s] life and art possible.” “Despite the fact that [Findley’s] stature occasionally gave the impression of casting a shadow over Bill’s achievements, Bill was himself a successful actor, playwright, and book. Bill delighted in the world of theatre and enjoyed an audience. He was quick with a brilliant change of phrase, a telling narrative, and the actor’s knack at delivering a fantastic punchline.

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