Armando Gaytan Obituary, Armando Gaytan Has Passed Away

Armando Gaytan Obituary, Death Cause – After 17 days in the hospital owing to the effects of Covid, our grandfather’s body was no longer able to take care of the illness and he passed away. Some of you may already be aware of this. The staff at UMC treated our elderly family member with great care, did everything in their power to help him, and kept us informed each day about his condition. Because of our step brother, who was able to get our grandfather to the hospital so that he could receive the care that he so sorely required, we are grateful.

To the man who showed me how to be a good husband, father, uncle, godfather, handyman, brother, friend, and hard-working man in general by being an excellent role model: thank you. You will be greatly missed by me. You left this world much too young, but I know that you are no longer in pain. Because you knew no strangers and left an impression on the hearts of everyone you met, I have no doubt that you are loved by a very large number of people.

I am grateful for the time that we did get to spend together, as well as the fact that your grandchildren were able to get to know and feel the love of their Abuelito. As I sit here, I am pondering what I should do next. Then I ask myself, “What would my grandfather do?” Those of you who were familiar with him…He would get the barbecue going (it didn’t matter that it was pouring outside), invite all of his family and friends, pop open a cold one, play loud music (of various genres), and make sure that everyone had a wonderful time. As a result, I have decided that this is what I will do whenever the opportunity presents itself and circumstances become calm enough for all of us to congregate and honor his life in California. At this time, we will hold the funeral ceremony in El Paso (details will be provided in the near future).

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