Sandy Harvey Obituary, Death Cause -

Sandy Harvey Obituary, Sandy Harvey Has Passed Away

Sandy Harvey Obituary, Death Cause – Sandy Harvey was a camper and a very close friend who passed away recently, and it is with a heavy heart that I must inform each and every one of you about her passing. She is known as the mayor here at Playland because she was always keeping an eye out for cars that were driving too quickly in the driveway. It was yesterday, on the 23rd of May, at 12:19 p.m., that she passed away. I, for one, am going to miss her wonderful smile whenever she would shout out “Hey neighbor, how are ya?” from her porch.

I shall also miss our numerous rides in the buggy as we attempted to make sense of this wacky world in which we find ourselves. While she was pursuing speeders, her grin would be as bright as her badge, which glistened in the sunlight. I’ll also miss her sitting in her buggy while I made a turn on my mower while belting out whatever music I was listening to, and her sitting there giving me a thumbs up as she did so. She was a great friend.

The same smile appeared once more! I believe that the thing that I will miss the most is being able to sit next to her, take her hand, and talk to her while simultaneously sharing our “inner”most thoughts! Putting my own needs aside, however, I am relieved to report that Sandy is no longer experiencing any discomfort; her fight is over, and she has emerged victorious! She will have the opportunity to meet Jesus, just as all of us hope that we will in the future! I wish you the best of luck, my friend. Keep a watchful eye over us here at Playland till the next time we see each other. You should have that cottage as well as that golf cart ready… I intend to be present!. I adore you so much, Sandy!

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