Salinas High School Lockdown Today, Lifted After Student Fight

Salinas High School Lockdown – After a brawl that broke out early in the morning on Thursday at Everett Alvarez High School and included a substantial number of students, the school’s campus was placed on lockdown for a short period of time. The battle broke out in the middle of the school. The Salinas Union High School District reported that there were no students who had sustained injuries that were life-threatening at the time that the lockdown was enforced, which showed that the lockdown was implemented.

After having previously stated that the lockdown had been activated, the district has now disclosed this information to the community. The lockdown that was carried out was a prophylactic step that had been put into effect.The building was put into a secure mode and all of the doors were secured at 11:15 in the morning. People who were confined inside the facility were approached by members of the Monterey County Probation Department and the Salinas Police Department who offered their assistance while the building was being secured.

According to Marcos Cabrera, who is the spokesman for the SUHSD, the lockdown led to a significant amount of commotion inside of the school. Cabrera was gracious enough to give me this information, which I greatly appreciate. The administration made sure that the children were kept safe and secure in the classes that they were assigned to by monitoring the situation while they were speaking to the students who were involved in the argument that had occurred earlier.

During this time, the administration was addressing the students who were involved in the disagreement that had occurred earlier.



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