Paula Langlands Obituary, Paula Langlands Has Passed Away

Paula Langlands Obituary, Death Cause – We are sorry to inform you that the broadcaster Paula Langlands has left us and gone to that big concert in the sky. It is with a lot of regret that we share this news with you.Her devotion to Eastside Radio covered four distinct decades, during which time her weekly show Jazz Made In Australia was broadcast all around the  country via the Community Radio Network for twenty years, and it continues to this day. She is a Presenter who is greatly regarded and respected here at Eastside Radio.

Jazz Made In Australia is still being broadcast. The meticulously researched program was adored by a large number of listeners and broadcasters, and it provided tremendous support for a large number of recently released albums featuring improvised and jazz music from Australia. In addition, Paula served as a Board Director in the past and was the recipient of the Marg Barry Award Winner in 2010 for her exceptional accomplishments as a volunteer.

She was also a presenter for the long-running and well-liked show Personalities in Jazz, and in 2020, she will receive the prestigious and much sought-after Star Award in recognition of her 30 years of dedication to the program. Please take the time to read the full eulogy that has been provided for Paula below as a way to honor what she has accomplished as an Australian artist over the course of many decades. On Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 12 p.m., a funeral service for Paula is going to be held at Manning’s Rozelle.

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