Kayla May Obituary, Death, Funeral And Visitation

Kayla May Obituary, Death Cause – The day before yesterday was the most disappointing day of my entire life, and it was the day that brought me to the lowest point of my entire existence. The sudden and unexpected demise of my cherished princess Kayla May so soon after her birth stunned everyone. She had already triumphed over a significant amount of difficulty, such as experiencing spinal meningitis as a newborn, being ridiculed throughout high school, struggling with her mental health, and getting rabies from my dog.

They were enjoying a wonderful time together by engaging in a wide variety of fun activities. Together, they were having a good time. We are currently engaged in the process of constructing a charming tiny cottage for her to call her home. Since then, she has gone off in a different direction. I implore you to pray not only for me, my family, and my princess Cadence, who has gone through a lot recently, but also for all of us. Please say a prayer for me, my family, and my princess Cadence.

However, she had already reached the point where she was able to say that she had overcome all of these challenges. She was a survivor, and her brief life was full of so many beautiful things: she was an honor student in college, she got a new car, and she started a new romance. Her life was cut short far too soon. expressing her admiration for her daughter Cadence and finding satisfaction in spending time in her presence.

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