John O’Neil Obituary, John O’Neil Has Passed Away

John O’Neil Obituary, John O’Neil Has Passed Away

John O’Neil Obituary, Death Cause – As a result of an aggressive cancer diagnosis, the West Hollywood Recovery Center and Log Cabin Board of Directors (WHRC) are in mourning at the loss of Board Vice President John O’Neil, who died away peacefully on Monday evening, May 22, 2023. His passing was announced earlier that day. At Cedars-Sinai, he was surrounded by his family and some of his closest friends.

He had 61 years under his belt. “The passing of our dearly loved Vice President of the West Hollywood Recovery Center board member, John O’Neil, has left all of us in a state of profound mourning. Those who knew John also knew what love was. You were familiar with the sensation of being observed. You had the assurance that you were protected and accepted precisely as you were.

You heard laughter, you felt joy, and you had the distinct impression that you were in the company of a really exceptional person. John devoted his life to being of service to our community and to bringing joy to others who were going through difficult times. We shall miss him terribly and are so appreciative for the time we were able to spend with him. Thank you, John, for the light you’ve brought into the world,

the service you’ve rendered, and the love you’ve shown to each and every one of us. To learn more, please visit or click on the link provided below. #wehotimes #wehocity #westhollywood #wehonews #WeHoRecovery #weho #sober #soberlife #soberliving #weho #soberliving #wehotimes #wehocity #westhollywood #wehonews #weho #so Paulo Murillo Mike Pingel West Hollywood (Locality) Center for Healing and Recovery in West Hollywood House of Recovery on Van Ness The La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center and the Government of the City of West Hollywood My Twelve-Step Retail Outlet

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