James Wheeler Obituary Valley Stream NY, James Wheeler Death And Funeral

James Wheeler Obituary Valley Stream NY, James Wheeler Death And Funeral

James Wheeler Obituary, Death Cause – Brooke Wheeler, the lady who has been the center of Jim’s universe throughout his whole life, and he have been happily married for the past seven years. They were proud of the fact that they were attentive parents to Hank, their cherished black lab, and that made them happy. Jim was a devoted dog parent who frequently spent his evenings being pursued around the house by the dog when it suffered from an attack of the zoomies.

Despite this, Jim made the decision to become a union electrician and joined IBEW Local 99 when he was 35 years old. Before this, he was well-known to a large number of people working in a range of professions, including the management of a restaurant and a golf course. It was the accomplishment that he was the proudest of, and he was a worker at K Electric in Warwick that was held in very high esteem by his coworkers there.

There are a lot of individuals who won’t be able to forget Jim’s grin and his big embraces. He was also always ready with a dad joke and a laugh. Jim will be missed very, very much. The only people who will remember Jim once he passes away are his dog Hank and his wife Brooke (Luciano). His mother Marybeth Nichols Wheeler, his father James C. Wheeler, and his stepmother Cheryl Wheeler are the only members of his family who have survived his passing. His grandmother, Alice Wheeler, is the sole living member of his family.

He is the only member of his family to have survived. His sister Melissa Wheeler, his sister Tracy Williamson (Wheeler), and his brother-in-law Ben Williamson. His sister Tracy Williamson (Wheeler). Jim Luciano was a wonderful son-in-law to Debbie Luciano, and he was a wonderful brother-in-law to his extended family, which included Liza Luciano, Alex, and Andrew Ciccolella. Debbie Luciano was very fortunate to have Jim Luciano as her son-in-law. Being Ella, Charlotte, and Graham’s uncle brought him an incredible amount of happiness.


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