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James Phillip White Obituary, James Phillip White Has Passed Away

James Phillip White Obituary, Death Cause – This morning at approximately 8:10 a.m., their department reported that the man had been spotted sleeping in his vehicle on Valleydale Lane, which is located next to a mobile home park, since 7 a.m. The person who dialed 911 banged on the window in an effort to wake up the sleeping man. The man eventually came to and got in his car and left. A responding officer found him on Old Valley School Road, where the suspect had taken off running away from the deputy.

After the deputy had caught up to him, the suspect assaulted the deputy bodily and then managed to flee the scene. The man went to his adjacent home and locked himself inside before calling for help. The suspect’s significant other was at home at the time of the incident, and the suspect texted the neighbors to let them know that he would not let her leave. This transformed the situation into a hostage situation with a barricaded suspect.

The neighbors were evacuated as a measure of extreme caution taken by the deputies. The individual who turned out to be the suspect was discovered to have many warrants out for their arrest in Guilford County. Deputy sheriffs issued numerous orders for him to exit the building. He was unwilling to comply with the request and instead locked himself and his significant other in a room. It was decided that armed law enforcement officers should force their way through the door in order to gain admission. Upon entering, the suspect brandished a sledgehammer and charged at the deputies. The deputies attempted to use their Tasers, but they were ineffective, and one of the deputies shot an individual.

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