Heather Milner Obituary, Heather Milner Has Passed Away

Heather Milner Obituary, Death Cause – When Heather Boraman Milner died away on Monday afternoon, our immediate family, including my beautiful and immensely strong sister Gwen Venters, was there with her. My sister and I are saddened to share the news that our beloved old BAT, (Narn / Barn) MOM, Heather Boraman Milner, has died away. She had a total of 87 years of experience under her belt. She was undeniably a headstrong young lady.

She did not have any concerns or worries over her own mortality. Anyone who has seen her posts on Facebook is aware that her standard response is always “Much Love and God Bless.” Our mother started the Zimbabwe Pensioners Support Fund in the United Kingdom and operated it successfully for many years until she reached the point where she could no longer handle it alone and handed the baton on to someone else. Since then, the fund has been successfully managed by someone else.

She had such a deep love for her grandchildren, and she was always so proud of how well they did in life; in fact, they were the reason she was able to keep going. Even when things were at their absolute worst, you could always count on a smile from her. Our mother had a fantastic sense of humor and she lived every moment to the fullest. She never failed to find something positive in any circumstance, and she attributed her endurance to the strength that came from her faith.

In lieu of flowers, we would be thankful for any contribution, regardless of how great or small it may be, that you could contribute to the fund as a sign of your love and respect for our cherished mother. Our mother would have the same reaction to this situation.

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