David McNair Obituary, David McNair Has Passed Away

David McNair Obituary, Death Cause – The anguish expressed in this piece cannot be adequately captured by words. David McNair, one of my closest friends and a longtime business partner, passed away recently. On the morning of the previous Saturday, he left this world to be with the Lord. Everyone here is in complete and utter surprise and shock. David was the most intelligent and talented person I’ve ever met. He was the equivalent of Einstein in the field of construction.

A true titan of the industry has been taken from it. His influence can be seen in all of the work that we do, and he has left his imprint on everyone of our customers. David was a good-natured and jovial individual. We hit it off immediately after I met him for the first time. We became fast friends and shortly decided to go into business together. Every single day, we engaged in activities such as working together, playing together, eating together, and talking with one another. He cherished my family, and we all felt the same way about him.

It is quite difficult for me to breathe because of how much I miss him. Both one’s life and one’s career will never be the same again. It was never about the money for David and I. That was never the focus. Simply put, we enjoyed each other’s company immensely while working together to make other people’s dreams come true. I shall keep on in his honor and in recognition of the fact that I am certain that this is what he would have wanted. I am grateful for the time we spent together, but he will always be someone I miss. I’m just heartbroken. Have a peaceful slumber, my friend.

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