Cecilio Negron Obituary, Cecilio Negron Has Passed Away

Cecilio Negron Obituary, Death Cause – We are not only highly respected members of the community, but we also count each other among our closest of friends.
As a direct result of the news that our dearly loved brother, Cecilio Negron Jr., has passed away unexpectedly and quietly and has moved on to the next world, we are in a state of immense sadness. Information regarding the memorial service and the celebration of life that will be held will be made available at a later time. both of these events will take place in the future.

Cee Lo has made certain that admirable qualities, such as jubilation, vitality, and musical aptitude, will never be erased from the annals of history. Cee Lo deserves our gratitude.
Despite the fact that I am incredibly appreciative for the possibility that we had to spend some time with him, it is still very difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that he has abandoned us. This is despite the fact that I am really grateful for the opportunity that we had to spend some time with him.

I just can’t believe it. My grief has progressed to the point where I can no longer stifle it inside; it has reached a breaking point. Around twenty years ago, the two of us founded this band, and ever since that time, there has been a hole in it that cannot be filled in any way that is even remotely imaginable. This gap cannot be mended in any way that is even remotely conceivable. You are going to have a very special and cherished place in each of our hearts forever, and we are not going to forget about you ever in our lives. Cee Loe

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