William Smith Obituary, In Loving Memory Of William Smith

William Smith Obituary, Death – The names of the two people who were killed in a collision on Highway 63 just north of Waterloo have been made public by the authorities who examined the tragedy on Monday and released their findings. Monday was the day that the event took place. The accident took place on precisely that stretch of the route that was being investigation. A man named William Smith, who was 58 years old, and a lady named Aimee Bowers, who was 31 years old, both died as a result of the collision between the two vehicles that involved two vehicles, as stated by the reports from the police. The collision involved two automobiles.

It is hoped that they will not run across any significant problems in their endeavors. They were transported in an ambulance when they got at their destination. / They were moved to that site at a different area. Because of the collision, the flow of traffic on Highway 63 was stopped for a substantial amount of time in both directions, despite the fact that the highway is two-way. The road was completely blocked, making it hard for automobiles to move forward.

The occurrence on the 4200 block of Logan Avenue (Highway 63) took occurred in the wee hours of the morning, just a few minutes before 8 o’clock. Two people who were passengers in one of the vehicles were sent to the hospital for treatment of injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening. The injuries that they sustained did not appear to have been life-threatening. It did not appear that the injuries they had incurred were ones that may have put their lives in danger.

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