Shooting In Washington Heights

Shooting In Washington Heights, Man Killed In Gunfire

Shooting In Washington Heights – A man was killed in a shooting in the Washington Heights neighborhood. A man was killed by gunfire on Tuesday night in Washington Heights, and police are looking for a suspect who was driving a gray vehicle at the time of the shooting. The incident took place in front of the Chop Cheese Deli, which is located at the intersection of Broadway and West 162nd Street. Anyone may have been the culprit. Diaz stated that it could have been a large group of people. We came to a halt, ducked to avoid being hit, and then walked over to this area, where we found him lying on the ground.

Irene Diaz, a neighbor who lives directly above the store, said that she heard the guns fired, followed by screams of terror. The victim’s adult son, according to several neighbors, was screaming for assistance. There was what appeared to be a bullet hole left in the front door of the store, and round casings were scattered over the busy section of Broadway. After opening fire and killing the victim once in the head as he ran out of the deli, the suspect, according to the police, departed the scene in a gray vehicle on Broadway after firing his weapon.

Eyewitness News reporter Sonia Rincon heard from neighbors who said that they knew the victim and that they identified them as someone who worked at the restaurant. It is unclear whether or not he was the intended target, and if he wasn’t, it makes the situation even more terrifying for those people who ran away when they heard the gunshot. Elizabeth Diaz, a neighbor who was domino playing nearby when she heard the sound of gunfire, ran to see what was going on. A man was fatally shot and died outside a deli in the Washington Heights neighborhood.

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