Patricia Coleman Obituary, Patricia Coleman Has Passed Away

Patricia Coleman Obituary, Death Cause – On Tuesday, April 4, 2023, at the age of 76, Patricia M. Coleman, who resided in Darien, Connecticut, was taken from this world unexpectedly. She was a devoted daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother. Staten Island, New York is where Trish’s parents, John Patrick McCusker and Rose Rodriguez, brought her into the world. She studied at Fordham University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

She resided in and around New York City for the majority of her life, and it was there that she met her future husband, William Richard Coleman, whom she wed in 1984. Alexandra Rose Coleman was the only child they were blessed with. It was well known that Trish’s lovely and welcome smile, joyous energy, and compassionate attitude could turn any place into a warm and inviting space. She was a very strong advocate for her husband Bill’s professional endeavors as well as his participation in a variety of athletic endeavors.

She also enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren Leah, Jack, Elizabeth, and Wyatt and took a keen interest in the academic, professional, and personal endeavors of her daughter Alex. She was a friend to many people who was devoted, thoughtful, and generous. Not a single one of your birthdays or holidays, ranging from New Year’s to Christmas, would go by without Trish reaching out to you in some way, be it through the delivery of a card, a note, a message, or a phone call, simply to let you know that you were in her thoughts.

Trish was a skilled and gracious hostess and made the Coleman home as welcoming as her smile. Her family and friends and a whole generation of their children found it a happy destination, especially on holidays. There was always an invitation to stop by before, during or after a holiday meal, which created many treasured memories. She was a talented decorator and cook

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