Nicholas Kernan Obituary,

Nicholas Kernan Obituary, Nicholas Kernan Has Passed Away

Nicholas Kernan Obituary, Death Cause – According to the police and a representative for the company, a man was slain in a shooting that took place in Corryville while he was working as a gardener there. This information was shared by all parties. The shooting ultimately resulted in the man’s death as a direct consequence. Nicholas Kernan, who resided in Cincinnati and was 43 years old at the time of his death, has been identified as the person who passed away. He was found to have been the person who passed away.

It was determined that he had already passed away upon his arrival at the UC Medical Center, which is where he was transported for treatment after he was taken to another facility. When Kernan was first identified by the authorities, the police records show that he had recently turned 43 years old. This information comes from the records that were kept by the police at the time.

The incident with the gun took occurred on Tuesday, just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon in the 2900 block of Bellevue Avenue. Officers who responded to the call found a person who had been shot and appeared to have been abandoned for dead, as stated by Lieutenant John Cunningham, who was in charge of the investigation.

The unfortunate individual who passed away was a member of the property management team at Uptown Properties, which is headquartered in Cincinnati. When he was attacked, the man was reportedly working in the landscaping section of the company, which is according to a spokeswoman for the company. The assailant’s actions ultimately led to the man’s passing.

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