Michael Cook Obituary

Michael Cook Obituary, In Loving Memory Of Michael Cook

Michael Cook Obituary, Death Cause – We are sorry to have to break the news to you that Comrade Michael Jon Cook, who had previously worked as the Treasurer for the Dominion, passed away suddenly. He had served in this capacity for the Dominion in the past. The tragic accident that led to his death was the direct cause of his passing. During this trying time, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We are sorry for the loss of your loved one. Please accept our sincere sympathies.

Additionally, he was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and served in that capacity. Michael served on a significant number of Dominion committees in addition to his position on the Canvet Board. These groups were all affiliated with the Dominion. This organization is made up of a number of committees, some of which are the Budget Committee, the Pay Committee, the Investment Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Focus on the Future Committee.

After being a part of the organization for a significant amount of time as a member of Branch 01-006, Michael was finally elevated to the status of Life Member in the organization as a reward for his dedication and commitment to the cause. In addition to that, he had held the positions of President of the British Columbia and Yukon Command as well as our Dominion Treasurer from the years 2000 until 2014.

We shall be indebted to him for the rest of our lives for his unflinching dedication and the service he provided to our organization as a result of the fact that he committed such a major percentage of his time and energy to the advancement of the objectives of our organization.

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