Market Square Pittsburgh PA Shooting

Market Square Pittsburgh PA Shooting, Police Investigates Gunfire

Market Square Pittsburgh PA Shooting – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Market Square was the location of a shooting, and the police are currently investigating the gunfire. A considerable police presence was visible in the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon in Downtown Pittsburgh near Market Square, according to a source who spoke to Channel 11 about the incident. There were reports of shots being fired in the area earlier in the day.

The police responded to the region of Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon after receiving reports of shots being fired there. They headed there to investigate the situation. The reports emanate from the area around Forbes Avenue and Market Square, and as a consequence, a number of businesses and a school have been placed on lockdown as a precautionary measure. Channel 11 received confirmation from a source that a truck belonging to a coffee company had been shot.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing three gunshots on Delray Street between Liberty Avenue and Forbes Avenue. The location of the reported gunfire was not specified. The manager of a nearby shop claimed hearing approximately three gunshots and seeing someone dressed in all black emerge from the alley and run toward Market Square. The management also stated that the person was moving quickly. It would appear that nobody sustained any injuries as a result of this incident. These reports began arriving just as people were starting their commute home for the evening. After that, the police officers left the location of this event, which occurred close to the time when the Pirates game was over, and they have not returned there since.

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