Maite Rodriguez Obituary

Maite Rodriguez Obituary Uvalde Texas, Maite Rodriguez Has Died

Maite Rodriguez Obituary, Death Cause – Maite Rodriguez has died. Tess Marie Mata kept the cash she put aside in a jar, with the intention of taking her family on a vacation to Disney World. She had a lot of athletic ability and was a huge fan of the program Victorious. His parents had fond memories of their son, Rojelio Torres, who they describe as highly intelligent and affectionate.

At his memorial, he got stuffed baby Yoda dolls and a football shaped like Batman. Eliahna “Ellie” Amyah Garcia had a passion for producing tiktoks and wanted to pursue a career as a cheerleader. She was a very meticulous planner, and she had already set her sights on an outfit for her quinceanera. The clothing was a gift from her family, and it was recently hung up on her front door.

Eliahna A. Torres had just been named to the all-star team for the Robb elementary softball team, and that evening was her very last game. She was the number four hitter on the team. Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez was a student who kept to herself, and because of this, she was named to the honor roll that morning. Her family was said to be quite close-knit, and the news that she had passed away was very upsetting for them. Two weeks before the incident, Jackie Cazares celebrated her first communion. This occurred two weeks before the shooting.

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