Kam & Owen Thomsen Utah, Motorcycle Accident Leaves 2 Dead - Death Cause

Kam & Owen Thomsen Utah, Motorcycle Accident Leaves 2 Dead – Death Cause

Kam & Owen Thomsen Obituary, Death – On March 9, 2023, our cherished son, Owen Ethan Bonham, passed away and went to be with his Heavenly Father. Ryan and Amy Bonham welcomed their son Owen into the world on June 24th, 2004. He is the eldest of the six children in his family. Owen had a lot of love for his siblings. They were his closest companions throughout life. He showed his affection for his family by participating in the pursuits that they enjoyed doing together.

This included going to the beach, going on boats, playing hockey, using computers, playing drums, spending time with his bird Shasta, skiing, reading, body surfing, board games, dodge ball, and more. Owen would frequently challenge his siblings to a game of chess or a video game on the computer, and he would do this because he was trying to teach them something new. Spending time with his mother was the catalyst for his developing a passion for Halloween and rockhounding.

This resulted in the enjoyment of frightening others, which seemed to extend over the entire year, as well as the acquisition of rocks, crystals, and shark teeth through a variety of exciting new experiences. Owen and his brothers and father all played hockey together. He had been employed for the previous year and a half, during which time he worked long days and ate lunch with his father four or five times per week.

During this period, he developed a fondness for a variety of places, and during lunch, he and his friends would spend extra time chatting about anything and everything that came up. Every time Owen worked toward a goal, he made sure to include his family in the process. It was during times like these that he felt the deepest sense of contentment. These happy recollections will never be forgotten by everyone.

Owen’s goal in life was to achieve perfection in all he did. He was able to identify his areas for improvement, put in the necessary effort, and successfully transform his flaws into his strengths. Owen made the request to have a private tutor when he was 11 years old so that he could do better in school. He was really content to spend the entire summer going to school while the other children were having fun. Owen’s test scores left his teacher speechless when school resumed after the winter break.

She had never before witnessed a student’s test score improve by such a significant margin between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next. After that, Owen consistently performed at or near the top of his class. Owen was interested in programming, and despite the fact that he took a few classes in computers, he spent the majority of his time studying and teaching himself a variety of programming languages.

At the age of 16, he bought a computer on his own after putting in a lot of effort and saving up the money. He did it almost on a daily basis. The confidence he gained from overcoming his shortcomings motivated him to study Chinese and to embark on a trip to Taiwan with his sister, Callie, that lasted for one whole month. In May of 2022, he received the highest grade point average at Provo High School and graduated at the top of his class. At the time of his graduation, he was preparing for a mission with our Savior, which he is currently serving.

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