Fredrik Notling Obituary, Fredrik Notling Has Passed Away

Fredrik Notling Obituary, Death Cause- The news that our good friend and cherished coworker Fredrik Notling had passed away came as a big shock to us, and we have been left with a deep sense of loss as a result. Fredrik was the one who instructed us on everything there is to know about the internet and managed our website for a number of years. However, during the course of their career, he also developed a strong friendship with the band.

Fredrik was endowed with a large heart, a loving personality, a perverted sense of humor, and a very open mind. In that regard, he served as a model for all of us to emulate by responding to novel experiences with an inquisitive “h-h?” He had a profound and all-encompassing passion for music and movies, and he was the kind of person with whom you could always have a conversation about cult films, obscure outtakes from favorite bands, and rare bootlegs.

Aside from that, he was an incredible singer who performed and recorded with us frequently both on stage and in the studio. Because he was constantly worried about our rock roots, he made sure to let us know if the guitars were mixed too low in the sound. It brings back fond memories to think back to the summer of our reunion tour a year ago and recall that he was overjoyed to learn that the guitars had been turned all the way up to eleven. We are going to miss Fredrik tremendously in our group. All of our lives will be significantly diminished as a result of his passing. Rest in Peace, Fredrik.

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