Eric Flancher Motorcycle Accident Lansing MI, Leaves 1 Dead

Eric Flancher Motorcycle Accident Lansing MI, Leaves 1 Dead

Eric Flancher Obituary, Death Cause – In his statement, he referred to the fact that “being able to assist such a large number of individuals over the course of the past two decades has been a privilege.” “As a significant number of people go through the highs and lows that life inevitably brings, I’ve been able to serve as a guide and a mentor for them,”

In 1983, Fancher began his professional career as an attorney, and he was eventually selected for a position on the bench in the Bessemer Cutoff Division in the year 1997. Since then, he has maintained his presence in that role. When he established the Drug Court in the Bessemer Cut-off, it is said to have been one of his “proudest moments.”

According to the information that is displayed on the website that Fancher is responsible for maintaining, the Drug Court has been granted more than $1.3 million in funding for the program, and it has successfully graduated more than 1,700 individuals. “It fills me with excitement to pass the gavel on to the subsequent person who will take the initiative to help the people who make their home in the Bessemer Cutoff community,” said the speaker.

“It is my hope that this person will do what they can to assist the people who make their home in this community.” According to what he has stated, “drug addiction, poverty, and a lack of access to quality education are the scourges of our communities.” It is crucial that we continue looking into feasible solutions to these problems, as stated in “It is imperative that we continue looking into viable solutions to these problems.

If we want to reduce the number of people who wind up in my office, it is essential that we continue studying potential remedies to these concerns.

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