David Cordon Motorcycle Accident Poughkeepsie NY, Leaves 1 Dead

David Cordon Motorcycle Accident Poughkeepsie NY, Leaves 1 Dead

David Cordon Obituary, Death Cause – On Thursday morning, a car and a motorcycle were involved in an accident that took place on Cordon Road Northeast. The rider of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital in serious condition after the accident. The rider ultimately was unable to overcome the effects of his injuries and passed away in a tragic accident.

Virgil Bolen, who was 90 years old and from Salem, was taken to Salem Hospital after being involved in an accident with a car driven by Kaye Young, who was 52 years old and from Salem. Kaye Young was the passenger in Virgil Bolen’s vehicle. The vehicle was driven by Kaye Young who was the driver. At last, Bolen left this world in the hospital institution where he was being treated.

When we were there, Young was the one who was at the wheel of the car. Both cars were involved in a head-on collision because Young made an eastbound turn in front of Bolen on Cordon Road Northeast close to State Street. The manoeuvre caused Young to collide with Bolen’s vehicle. On Cordon Road Northeast, when we last saw Bolen, he was heading in the direction of the north.

Young was extremely fortunate to escape the crash without suffering any injuries; however, he was handed a ticket for performing an illegal left turn. Young was nevertheless judged accountable for the accident, despite the fact that he did not sustain any injuries as a result of it. Accident investigators continued their examination of the event even as they were still

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