Cheri Shores Obituary Virginia Beach, Cheri Shores Death And Funeral

Cheri Shores Obituary, Death Cause – On Saturday, May 13, 2023, the Cheri Shores Virginia Beach, Citrus Breakfast & Lunch eatery succumbed to their illnesses. After a lengthy and courageous fight against pancreatic cancer, Cheri Shores was sadly found to have passed away. On Monday, May 15, 2023, the sad news of her passing was disseminated across various social media platforms in the form of an article. “Helen Gaines called me approximately an hour later to tell me the sad news about my friend Cheri Shores, who had passed away.” Karla Carter distributed the link on her Facebook page.

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, Cheri Shores, who had been a co-owner of Citrus in Virginia Beach, which was a well-liked restaurant serving breakfast and lunch, passed away. Due to the fact that she had been battling pancreatic cancer for a considerable amount of time, the news of her demise has left her family, friends, and the town of Virginia Beach in a state of shock and sadness. In this essay, we will reflect on the life of Cheri Shores, the proprietor of the well-known Citrus restaurant, and examine the ways in which she left an impression on the people who were in her immediate vicinity.

Cheri Shores was given the name “Cheri” by her parents because they liked the Stevie Wonder song “My Cherie Amour,” which is about a girl who has a crush on someone. Cheri Shores was born and reared in Northern Virginia. Her inventiveness and artistic prowess were clear even at an early age, and she followed her passion for jewelry making by getting a job as a jewelry artist at Christian Bernard in the Lynnhaven Mall. Her ingenuity and artistic flair were visible even then.

Cheri first crossed paths with Lance around the year 1994. Lance was a military brat who had been born at Marine Corps Camp Lejeune. At that time, Lance was working at the Oceanfront as a bartender, and the two of them started becoming friends there. Lance had a date planned with Cheri but did not show up. He made another attempt, and this time he didn’t give up on it. They started their lives together in 2002 by getting married and then continuing to construct their lives.

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