Alexa Zielkowski Obituary Howell Michigan, Alexa Zielkowski Has Died

Alexa Zielkowski Obituary Howell Michigan, Alexa Zielkowski Has Died

Alexa Zielkowski Obituary, Death Cause – Ionel is a graduate of both Cornell University, where he earned his master’s degree, and Iowa State University, where he earned his doctorate in Chemistry. After completing his post-doctoral study at Florida State University, he went on to teach at Penn State and Rutgers universities. After a while, in 1966, Lionel and Ruth made their home in Princeton, New Jersey, where they brought up their two children, Steve and Debbie.

Because of the work that Lionel did utilizing laser spectroscopy to investigate the reasons behind why molecules have the form that they have, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 1987, he was honored with the Outstanding Teacher Award at Rutgers College, and in 1989, the Board of Trustees honored him with the Outstanding Research Award.

He is the author of a large number of scholarly papers, several of which have been cited in other works more than 50,000 times each. Lionel developed an interest in photography after he retired, and during the past twenty years, he has participated in a number of one-man shows, the most recent of which was held at the Plainsboro Library.

He has been recognized by illustrious organizations such as Phillips’ Mill, the Salmagundi Club in New York City, and the Perkins Art Center for the people-oriented images that he has taken. Additionally, the photograph “About to Depart” that he took is displayed in the Johnson and Johnson Art Museum. In addition to that, for a period of four years he was the Program Chairman of the Princeton Photography Club.

Lionel’s wife Ruth passed away in 2015, and he is survived by his close friend and partner Susan Fox, as well as his son Steve and daughter Debbie, five grandchildren (Justin, Jessica, Sarah, Sydney, and Joey), and two great-grandchildren (Catherine and Ruthie). In addition, Lionel has two great-grandchildren named Catherine and Ruthie.

Lionel will be remembered by everyone who knew him as a determined and curious guy who lived life to the fullest, as well as for his love of travel and fine food. Additionally, Lionel will be remembered for his passion for the outdoors and delicious food. Both his wry sense of humor and his insightful explanations will be much missed.

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